Sébastien Mamessier

About me

Here you can find my CV in a pdf format.

I’m currently building safe and low-latency self driving technology at Uber ATG in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). I use my cross-disclinary education and experience - Aerospace, AI, Software Engineering, Safety - to design and implement cutting-edge real-time model-based and data-driven algorithms to allow autonomous vehicles to operate efficiently and safely in a socio-technical environment.

Previously, I worked for three years at Airbus Group Innovations in Munich, Germany, developing cockpit / flight automation concepts and evaluating them using human-in-the-loop experiments. Before that, I received a M.S in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Diplome d’Ingenieur from Aerospace School Supaero (France).

My PhD thesis work focuses on computational modeling of safe and efficient Human-AI collaboration. Potential applications of my research span from flight deck automation to integration of adaptive controls in semi-automated cars.

My fields of expertise and interests include Human Factors/Functional Safety, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. Private pilot since 2013, I’m a big soccer fan, practice astronomy and enjoy contributing to open source projects.