I’ve been playing soccer since childhood, first at a competitive level and then in the Supaero varsity team. Later on, I played for the Airbus corporate team in Munich and I’m now enjoying joining pick-ups at Georgia Tech on Friday nights.

There are two main reasons why I just love soccer - and this can apply to many other team sports - firstly it teaches you how to be a good teammate, i.e work hard for the team, forget about your personal objectives and serve a higher goal. Arriving in a new team is always an interesting challenge, you first have to find your place in the existing schema, express and adapt your skills to complement the other players. The half-time discussion is also a very good exercise as you only have a couple of minutes to find a solution based on everyone’s remarks and your own analysis of the game.

Secondly it involves and trains your physical, psychological and cognitive abilities in a unique way, at different levels, engaging together raw reflexes, motion planning and tactical thinking in conscious and unconscious ways.